Memphis, Tennessee native Eugene Jones is an avid photographer and aviation enthusiast. While serving in the US Marine Corps, Gene picked up photography as a hobby to occupy free time and document his travels while being deployed abroad. After the military, Gene began traveling throughout west Tennessee and northern Mississippi looking for interesting subjects to photograph. He also opened a small studio dedicated to family photography. This was quite different from what he was accustomed to photographing and the urge to be able to do more travel and landscape photography persisted.

Always looking for the next adventure, I started working as a software and technology consultant and put down the camera for a while and began pursuing my childhood dream of learning to fly. The consulting jobs opened up many new possibilities which led to me owning a couple aircrafts and being able to fly myself to client sites. However, while I was logging millions of airline miles and

traveling from coast to coast, I continued to snap images here and there, but not like I did in the past.Oddly enough one of my consulting clients was Nikon. At Nikon I worked with the camera returns and repair business unit. I was tasked with reengineering and streamlining business processes in conjunction with a new software implementation.

My time at Nikon certainly provided some renewed interest in photography, but the world of photography had changed with DSLR cameras becoming more of the norm, which is a monumental leap from the old Minolta X-700 I had used in the past. Reaching out to a few friends for recommendations and suggestions, I purchased a ton of gear and jumped back into photography. This time with the ability to travel to those far reaching places I have only seen in pictures and movies. I encourage you to follow and interact with me on these adventures and experience my vision of these landscapes and cityscapes, people and places, and unique photo abstracts.